What is LaunchLeap?

Why LaunchLeap?

Our visual, innovative, and interactive feedback campaigns combine the simplicity of the traditional survey with the benefits of a focus group.
We believe that decisions are never made alone in a lab-setting, but rather with the effect of the crowd around us. LaunchLeap replicates this setting, and more.
Ask questions, exchange and generate ideas, and foster a data-centric and creative brand-user relationship.


What is a LaunchLeap Campaign?

Ask questions your respondents will love to answer, watch your participation rates skyrocket, and get innovative wisdom.
Post questions, announce contests, share video-updates, thank you messages, and insightful photographs to help grow and engage your community of users and gather unique insights.
Make it your own: Alter colour schemes and add your logo to make your brand stand out.
Get results: Get quantitative and qualitative feedback bristling with ideas and energy.
Encourage interaction between users with our ideas function that allows up- and down-votes.


Easy to build

Tell stories, be colourful, and use a mixture of video, sound, text, and image with ease using our drag and drop function and icon bank.
Ask fun and diverse questions that are open-ended, multiple-choice, or rating-scale types.


Launch it your way

Our campaigns can be made either public or private to meet your needs.
Post on social media, send by email, or copy and paste a customizable link.

Analysable data

LaunchLeap’s dashboard provides real time results of creative and quantitative data that can be understood at a glance on any device.
All data is easy to cross-reference and ready to export for further analysis.


Keep in touch with users

Update your database of users regularly, view user profiles, and engage personally with individuals.

LaunchLeap is made for you