What makes LaunchLeap different?

At LaunchLeap, we believe that the way brands currently survey and engage their customer isn’t ideal. So we developed a platform that combines the best of all worlds: the depth of gated online insight communities, the user-friendliness of regular surveying software and the interactive factors of today’s social media.

Market research in real-time

The concise and analytic conclusions that traditional market research methods draw are essential to good data-driven decision making. However, they are also slow, costly, and incapable of keeping a pulse on the rapid evolution of the contemporary market.

LaunchLeap helps you:


Build creative online communities

Gated online communities, commonly referred to as Insight Communities, are excellent at providing access to a manageable and reliable pool of users. But they are also expensive, overtly-complex, and inefficient to run.

LaunchLeap offers:


Next generation surveys

Popular free survey software is great at drawing information quickly from vast pools of customers. However, they are also chaotically distributed, boring to complete, and frustratingly designed.

LaunchLeap’s Feedback Campaigns:

Decoration Decoration

Our Feedback Campaigns combine the analytic data of a traditional survey with the qualitative human touch of a focus group, using the ideology of online communities.
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