Comfort, Fun & Well Being

If you are an animal lover, then you surely have heard about the company Mondou. BeOneBreed is part of the Mondou family of brands. The company creates products aimed specifically at increasing the comfort and wellbeing of four-legged animals. Today, BeOneBreed is run by twelve passionate employees who are constantly seeking to create products that make a positive impact on pets’ lives.

Feedback at the Heart of a Perfect Product

BeOneBreed’s catalog evolves every year as the brand continues to develop new products. This year, the team decided to create a new mattress for dogs. While designing the slipcover, the creators wanted to know which features their customers would be interested in seeing developed in such a product. Their first LaunchLeap campaign featured different colors and patterns that the slipcover could have. It also included a small contest, which encouraged LaunchLeap users and BeOneBreed fans to participate – 345 pet lovers participated in the campaign.

A Co-Designed Product Ready for Sale

BeOneBreed’s LaunchLeap campaign created a lot of engagement and participation, with many users leaving several comments and voting on other users’ propositions. The brand was able to move forward and develop their product with the data generated during the campaign, and will be able to launch a product that not only corresponds to their customer’s needs, but is already market tested and approved.

Throughout the year, BeOneBreed will continue to build their community and product offering with LaunchLeap by using the platform as a tool to generate insights and engage their fans in their quest to build the best products for pets!