Bringing innovation to the world of maternity lingerie //

Founded by a mom who found herself struggling with her breastfeeding experience, Milkii reinvented the design of the traditional bra. Based on the belief that no woman should be constrained to choose between look and comfort, the designer from Montreal developed the first breastfeeding bra prototype that integrates detachable and washable pads using a patent-ending magnetic system.

Designing the perfect maternity bra //

Having completed the process of filing the patent for her first bra, production could start. However, in order to develop a bra that her clients would see as both “comfortable and sexy”, Arielle Nishimirwe, founder of Milkii, needed feedback about her first design. Running a campaign on LaunchLeap helped her get direct opinions from her future clients about the design, features, packaging, and the price that they were willing to pay – but most importantly some unexpected ideas were unearthed. It was also a great opportunity for her to get to know about the challenges her clients’ faced during their breastfeeding experiences.

Results: a successful product launch //

The Milkii campaign as a whole was a success. A total of 297 people participated to help Arielle and the team create the perfect breastfeeding bra. The engagement, ideas and encouragement from the LaunchLeap users helped Arielle steer the product in the right direction. The campaign also helped promote her Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Arielle was therefore able to launch her first product knowing it was adapted to her customers’ needs.