Breathe into balance

In a day and age where we are constantly under stress, Breathe proposes a change of pace. Further than a simple lamp, it’s a tool that helps you to get started with meditation, or simply improve your already present meditation practice. It allows you to acquire a paced, serene breath, in order to focus your mind and energy on breathing to bring you into a meditative state. It’s an instrument that simply seeks to help people that need to relieve their mind from time to time.

The confirmation to launch

The Breathe meditation lamp already received some positive reviews through outreach to meditation teachers and several focus groups. Before officially launching the product, the team needed a confirmation that the lamp was suitable for all users. This is why they decided to question a larger sample of people to review their product. The LaunchLeap survey mostly dedicated questions about possible add-ons and desired extra features that could be integrated. They also included a co-design section, which powered an open brainstorming session between the lamp’s creators and future users.

Actionable results

Helped Breathe identify their Kickstarter goals and plan future generation products. Through 132 participants, they found out that a feature enabling the light to make sound was the most highly requested addition.

Today the Breathe Lamp is being sold through Urban Outfitters.