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360º Feedback

LaunchLeap offers a selection of interactive tools allowing your research to dig deeper and wider. LaunchLeap offers the versatility and flexibility to engage users of all ages! However, our platform is especially effective at communicating with millennials (18-35 years) and Generation Z (13-18 years).
You can directly reply to anomaly opinions, post customized updates, and create contests to act as incentives to clients. LaunchLeap enables consumer research experts to get feedback in 3-D.

Real insight

With the LaunchLeap Dashboard, it’s never been easier to manage and share customer data; you can export everything to other platforms at any time and manage your campaigns from any device. Put versatility and flexibility at the heart of your research by tracking the evolution of the market in real time. We believe that decisions are never made alone in a lab-setting, but rather with the effect of the crowd around us. LaunchLeap replicates this setting, and more.

Conduct visual research aimed at untapped communities

LaunchLeap transforms the dated form-filling structure of the feedback survey into a wellspring of creativity, conversation, and innovation.
Get feedback in an interactive and creative manner.

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Opéra de Montreal interactively engages with their clients pre-show and post-performance to not only actively leverage qualitative feedback, but also gather user-generated content.


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