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Build a Community of Creativity, Tailored to Your Product

Create, collaborate, and conquer with the untapped potential of your brands community. Launch a customizable feedback campaign that inspires your users and invites them into the creative process. Listen to your users offer suggestions, share new ideas, and tell you what works in an exciting variety of media.

Co-create and involve the user

LaunchLeap is a place where survey software meets brand community; we combine the energy of the creative community with the honesty of the customer feedback survey.
Observe your community of users better than ever before with our extremely high participation and completion rates, and measure your users interactions with the LaunchLeap Dashboard. Pinpoint where users are getting stuck or confused by quickly comparing feedback and create better, together.

Find New Ideas

Harness the crowd through co-creation and launch your products next leap forward by listening to and getting inspired with your community of users.
LaunchLeap transforms the dated form-filling structure of the feedback survey into a wellspring of creativity, conversation, and innovation.

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Bauer is using LaunchLeap to co-create with their users. From product specifications, to consumer preferences, the design team is executing quicker and better.


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clustered communities


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