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Get Actionable Data

LaunchLeap is a place to engage in and foster the ongoing conversations with users that form the foundation of data driven decision-making.
All feedback is tracked in real time, meaning your feedback campaign data can be measured at a glance with the LaunchLeap dashboard, and easily exported to other platforms at any time.
LaunchLeap helps you take the pulse of the market, allowing your brand to locate problems early on, when they’re easier and less expensive to fix. Get real-time bite-size insight that you can measure anytime, anywhere.

Carve out power users from your crowd

LaunchLeap offers a cost-effective, fun, and innovative way to build your brands community of users online with whom you can gather feedback and engage in co-creation.
We combine the straightforwardness of online feedback surveys with the energy of a creative community, allowing you to ask your users the questions they really want to answer and get the most out of relationship marketing.

Tell your story

LaunchLeap is built for storytelling, we offer the perfect platform for brands to communicate with their users and create meaningful exchanges, not just one-way conversations.
With extremely high participation and completion rates, you can be certain LaunchLeap’s platform will provide the extensive and meaningful feedback your product needs.
LaunchLeap offers the versatility and flexibility to engage users of all ages. The platform has been especially effective at communicating with millennials (18-35 years) and Generation Z (13-18 years).

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Boréale Bière does not only use LaunchLeap’s platform in their top to bottom decision making, but also in the grassroots marketing efforts. Whether it’s understanding customers deep preferences of beer packaging or co-creating specific product packs for events such as the 24H Tremblant, Boréale Bière harnesses the strength of their crowd to gain insight and spearhead grassroots marketing efforts.




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