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Where Creativity and Data Converge

LaunchLeap combines the efficiency of an online survey with the energy of a creative community. Our feedback campaigns function as an extension of a brand’s marketing and communication campaigns, meaning your clients can communicate seamlessly in engaging ways with their most valuable users whilst getting the objective and qualitative data brands need. The platform’s strengths lie in its highly visual multi-media capabilities, leveraging the power of images and video with proprietary interactive question types.

Build the Community Your Client Needs

LaunchLeap can help your agency to carve a following out of clients by asking for feedback in an interactive manner.
Foster creative and sincere relationships with untapped communities of users waiting to provide feedback. LaunchLeap’s interactive and customizable platform offers extremely high participation and completion rates, ensuring your clients will get the best customer feedback possible.

Get the Edge to Win clients

LaunchLeap’s customizable feedback campaigns provide easy to manage data that will help your agency to deliver fast and quality results for your clients.
Put versatility and flexibility at the heart of your agency using the LaunchLeap Dashboard that lets you track the evolution of users in real-time, while seeing the effect of the crowd in decision-making.
We’ve transformed the tired form-filling structure of the feedback survey into a wellspring of information, conversation, and innovation. Whether it’s launching a company, starting or refreshing a brand, developing a pre-existing client base, give your clients the edge they’re looking for.

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Roland Berger on-boarded one of their clients onto the LaunchLeap platform. The B2B enterprise needed to reach a very specific segment of the population in a very short delay in order to support a launch of a new division. Everything from name, logo, web application to concept all got vetted through the LaunchLeap platform. Needless to say, the business was able to adjust and verify several key assumptions before going forward with traditional marketing efforts.


Highly targeted Enterprise Participants


key ideas


concepts reviewed and altered

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