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25 Apr 2017

 Various research has shown how fostering brand loyalty can drive profit increases. It’s time to start valuing the customers you already have. Here at LaunchLeap, we’re committed to helping brands and users connect in innovative and exciting ways. Our experts have compiled a short list outlining the best ways to increase brand loyalty. 

1. Engage with your users

Simply by connecting with users, you’ll begin to foster a sense of belonging and community. Studies have repeatedly proven that happy customers who feel valued and engaged are also loyal customers. So, don’t be afraid! Share your organizations new ideas, snap pictures of your works-in-progress, or post videos of product-development now.

A recent study found price was not the main reason for customer churn, it is in fact because of poor customer service. The thing is, customer service is easy. All you have to do is listen, engage, and be human. 

With LaunchLeap, not only can you create visually beautiful feedback campaigns that are a joy to play with, you can update your campaign at anytime! This means you can inform users of the latest trends, special offers, and exciting news. Try to make your campaigns feel like conversations. 

Openness is essential. Let your users respond on their own terms. This means giving users the space to provide 360º, polydimensional feedback, as and when they want to give it. Let users give star-ratings, write text, record videos, or post sound recordings. Give your users a space to express and watch your crowd transform into an innovative community. 

One small trick to push engagement even further is to give your campaign a special name. Lady Gaga calls her creative fan-base “little monsters”, Lego call their community Lego Ideas, 


2. Understand what makes your users tick

Your user-base is woven from a multitude of different types of users; that’s what’s makes it a crowd. For far too long, this has been considered a negative, marketing experts have looked for ways to flatten the crowd and come up with a formula to catch everyone in one fatal swoop of marketing ingenuity. The onset of big-data, machine-learning, and various technological advances in the early twenty first century has meant it’s now possible to carve up the crowd into complex networks of types in a way that was before unimaginable. 

Once you’ve learnt to engage your users and you’ve started to foster a community, then it’s time to start to really get to know your community, from your “super-customers” to your “impulse buyers”, and everyone in between. 

LaunchLeap’s innovative feedback campaigns provide a way to understand what makes your users tick in a fun and data-centric manner. Using the LaunchLeap dashboard you can keep track of your campaigns at a glance. You can organize your community into user-types that are colour coded and driven by answers they’ve given on feedback campaigns. In doing so you can dig deeper, tailoring further campaigns to better understand your brand’s community. 


3. Make your brand stand out

It’s more important than ever to make sure your brand’s aesthetic reflects your values at a glance. This means investing in a visually stimulating logo, developing a cohesive colour-palette, and making sure your brand’s style is on-point across all platforms. 

Transparency can help your brand stand out. Online clothing retailer Everlane are an excellent example of a brand who have put transparency at the heart of their products and stood out for doing so. Customers are desperate to know their hard-earned money isn’t fuelling evil. This means sharing your ethical and eco-credentials with users, and listening to ways they can be improved. By doing so, your users will remember your brand as being that cool, stylish, and fair organization that is a joy to engage with and support. With LaunchLeap you can make your feedback campaign an extension of your brand’s style. Add logos, change colour-schemes, and share behind-the-scenes videos to capture your brand’s essence, increase transparency, and inspire users into sharing. 


4. Learn to focus on what your brand does best

At the heart of all successful feedback campaigns is a clear and refined message. Wading through the complexity of what your brand is and does to reach a final core value is perhaps one of the most difficult and essential aspects in the path to inspiring brand loyalty. 

This is more than an eye-catching logo or a fine-tuned aesthetic. This is more than just sharing. This means engaging in a never-ending process of communication in which your brand learns to listen to what it does right and what it does wrong. In doing so, you can put a loyal community of users at the core of your organization.

With LaunchLeap you can begin to truly understand what your brand does best by engaging with your users and learning how they tick. 


5. Give incentives

The immediate impulse to increase brand loyalty is to give discounts. However, here at LaunchLeap we believe discounts are merely a short-term answer to a long-term problem. 

The wiser solution is found in incentivised schemes that function within the developed community of users. This means launching competitions to users who have already engaged in feedback campaigns and shared ideas with you. This way the incentives are not the reason why customers a loyal, but simply another reason in a whole of others that make them love engaging with your brand. 

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