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10 Feb 2017

Léché Desserts has been open for almost 5 years now, and has become an obligatory stop for doughnut lovers. Owner Josie Weitzenbauer tells us about why she started this venture and how her customers influence everything she does.

Josie Weitzenbauer, Owner at Léché Desserts



Tell us a bit about you and your company

I started by myself, and I’m still the only owner. We started with a team of 2 girls and now we’re 13 girls. Also, I only employ women. We try to support women in the workforce, especially in the culinary field because there are very few and it’s a very difficult industry for women to break into. We try to create a person that is confident and able to work in the kitchen.

I started Léché making doughnuts just because it’s something that didn’t exist early in the city. We were the first doughnut shop to open in the city which is awesome. They’ve gotten pretty popular and they have a name for themselves which is absolutely great. We’ve built quite a following with that which is crazy, because there are so many companies that can boost your Instagram, and we’re very proud to say “we did it all by ourselves!”


Describe a situation where customer feedback was of the upmost importance

It’s always of the upmost importance. We really thrive on people’s feedback and it’ll decide for example if we continue a doughnut or not. We try to always improve our customer service as much as possible, so we always take it into account. It’s always important to listen to your customers, as they’re the ones that pay your bills so, it’s best they be happy!



"It’s always important to listen to your customers, as they’re the ones that pay your bills so, it’s best they be happy!"


How important is your clients’ input?

It’s the importance for sure, it helps us build new lines of doughnuts all the time, people are always suggesting ideas, what’s trending, what’s popular. We definitely use that kind of information as much as possible to really appeal to our customers want. It is everything!



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