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08 Jul 2016

We previously discussed how feedback can help businesses understand their customers’ needs. This week, we will focus on the insight that managers get from receiving feedback from their employees. Listening to your employees is a great way to make your team more effective, and more fun!

Measuring Job Satisfaction

Is your team motivated every day to come into work? Do they feel appreciated? Listening to your employees allows you to measure employee satisfaction and engagement. Many managers are surprised to hear that 39% of employees report that they don’t feel appreciated at work – and having a workforce who feels this way is detrimental to any business. It is your responsibility as a manager to know what is going on and to make sure that your employees feel valued. So find a way to reach out and create a comfortable, stress-free environment for your team to give you feedback about what is working, and what isn’t. Really listen to what they tell you, and you will be able to make the adjustments necessary to create a good work environment.

Work Dynamic

As a manager, you aren’t privy to private conversations that happen between your staff. Interviewing your team directly might not be the best way to get quality information. Collecting anonymous feedback is more often than not the most effective way to discover the issues that beset your team, because employees will feel safer disclosing their opinions knowing that they are anonymous.

Effective management

The great advantage of this anonymous feedback is that a company can also improve its management. Which managers are in line with the company’s objectives? Who can improve? Too often companies focus on the performance of the employees who don’t occupy a managerial position. This form of feedback will keep managers on their toes as well because feedback indirectly enables employees to evaluate their managers as well.

We are all humans and often perception becomes reality. Taking the time to address the issues that your team brings to you will make them feel as if their opinions matter. It can be as easy as that, and you can increase employee engagement and create a truly harmonious work environment.

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