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11 May 2015

Hello World.

A few weeks ago, we began contemplating the creation of this very blog. My team and I have been building LaunchLeap for the past 6 months and through it all we ended up gaining a ton of insight on the changing nature of commerce. A blog seemed like a great way to share our new knowledge and help others (marketers, product developers, and general business folk) learn more about innovation through customer collaboration.

Before I continue though, I think I’d better present the team behind LaunchLeap and what it is we’re trying to do.

from left: Myself, Christine Connolly (I head up the marketing jazz), Arthur Juchereau (our Tech Ninja), and Thomas Sychterz (in charge of all things CEO-y)
From left: Myself, Christine Connolly (I head up the marketing jazz), Arthur Juchereau (our Tech Ninja), and Thomas Sychterz (in charge of all things CEO-y)

LaunchLeap is an online platform whose entire purpose is to foster collaboration in order to create better products, services and ideas.

The evolution of LaunchLeap came about when the three of us worked together on a very successful crowdfunding campaign last year. Obviously prefunding our idea was an important benefit, but we realized that incorporating our customer’s feedback throughout the campaign was invaluable. We were not only able to create an overall better product, but also sales soared as a result!

So why did this happen? Why did our customers take time out of their busy schedule to help us make our product better? And why were they more prone to buying it?

Well it appears that after asking them directly, the overall consensus was that they hated being treated like a bar code or Customer #2663 in a CRM system. We learnt that customers wanted to be involved and consulted, and that moreover they wanted a meaningful experience from the businesses they supported.

Customers no longer accept being treated as a recipient of digested information, but rather want to contribute to it. Affect it. Create it.

So, that’s why we created LaunchLeap: an online innovation tool that enables businesses to connect and collaborate with their existing customer base to create products that people actually want, and by default, products that will generate more revenue for businesses. A win-win situation. Kind of cool, eh? (<- yes, we’re Canadian)

The goal of this blog is, as I mentioned before, to explore the subject of co-creation and customer collaboration. These topics are an emerging trend and LaunchLeap is at the forefront. Although many academics are studying this phenomena, there aren’t a lot of articles published that deal with the subject in a more practical and applicable manner.

Enter LaunchLeap Blog. Your new resource for all things related to innovation through customer collaboration.

We hope you enjoy.

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